Track U

Track U

Track U is a tracking application designed by Supertech, Supercloud's Mother company, and hosted in our state of the art, Tier 3, data center in Tema. Track U is provided as part of Supercloud variety of services. The advantage is our ability to update and maintain the software with no additional costs for the user.

Track U is designed to manage an organization's vehicular asset, monitor fuel usage and mileage to enhance efficiency. It is able to monitor different vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, diggers, rollers, mixers and many more, and is accessible from any device, and has low data consumption – If it moves we track it!

Track U is unique compared to other tracking solutions because of its ability to provide real time data from four different sensors:   Fuel tank and dispenser at the filling station, and GPS and fuel ring sensor installed in the car. This enables you full control over your fleet where about and most accurate info when it comes to your fleet's fuel consumption.

Track U is able to overcome the communication challenges by keeping track of data even when the connectivity is not available, and providing it as soon as the connectivity resumes. Track U is customizable to meet the needs of any organization.


  • Different levels of access to the data - different levels of administrators.
  • Alert Notifications via SMS and Email: Over speeding, Out of defined boundaries and many more.
  • Daily customized report: Fuel Tank reports, Fuel consumption, mileage and route reports and many more.
  • Real time location update.
  • Extended History - Stores data for two years, Preserves active data for one week in the case of low connectivity.


  • 1 Yr Advance [80 GH¢]
  • 6 Months Advance [83 GH¢]
  • 3 Months Advance [86 GH¢]
  • Installation/ Cost of Device [880 GH¢]


  • 1 Yr Advance [115 GH¢]
  • 6 Months Advance [121 GH¢]
  • 3 Months Advance [128 GH¢]
  • Installation/ Cost of Device [1,070 GH¢]

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